Sunday, June 6, 2010

Minted pea pesto pasta

So, im currently going through a stage where my body isnt really enjoying dairy or pasta (sad face!). However, thanks to the trusty women's weekly (after work healthy, page 48) I found a pasta recipe that I changed a bit so I could enjoy it. Plus side - the first time I made it, mum actually commented that she wanted more vegies in it!! (Awesome, anything with lots of vegies gets extra ticks from me!)

Minted pea pesto

2 cups frozen peas
1 tablespoon mint paste (I used the gourmet garden one you get near the lettuce, I worked out it was cheaper than getting a bunch of mint and wasting most of it)
30 grams shaved parmesan
30 grams pine nuts

Put all in a blender (I had a stick wizz) and go for gold. Most pesto recipes have oil - I found that it didnt really need it, but if you like the shiny pesto, the original recipe said to add 2 tablespoons olive oil as well.

250 grams pasta (cooked)

Add pesto to cooked pasta. Add a pile of vegies (I had roasted pumpkin and beetroot, mushrooms, beans, cabbage, spring onions) and some meat (kangaroo sausages were on sale at coles this week - yay for 66% off stickers!!).

With the extra meat + vegies, this served 6.


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